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Overall Away Home
X San Jose 33 17 0.660 0 15 10 18 7
X New Brunswick 27 23 0.540 6 9 16 18 7
Philadelphia 25 25 0.500 8 12 13 13 12
Saskatoon 24 26 0.480 9 9 16 15 10
Mauch Chunk 21 29 0.420 12 5 20 16 9
Brooklyn 20 30 0.400 13 8 17 12 13

SERIES MVP: Albert Pujols, New Brunswick

MVP: Albert Pujols, New Brunswick
Cy Young: Tim Hudson, New Brunswick

Mauch Chunk Brett Myers placed on DL, out 7 games during game 4 of stage 1 half 1. Jason Marquis is called up.
Brooklyn Trade P Joe Beimel to Mauch Chunk for first basemam Adam "3 second delay" Laroche
Brooklyn Drop secondbaseman Danny Sandoval. Add pitcher Hong-Chih Kuo. Sent Hong-Chih Kuo to minors. Called up pitcher Brandon Backe
San Jose Confirm the addition of Pitcher Alan Embree, due to the EATSHIT. Drop Jason Repko. Send Down C. Sampson
San Jose Signed Josh Hancock and sent outright to minors.
New Brunswick Sign Outfielder Jason Repko. Drop Firstbaseman Julio Franco.
San Jose Sign Catcher Mike Lieberthal. Drap Outfielder Matt Kemp
Mauch Chunk Trade P Roger Clemens to San Jose for P Ricky Nolasco and a First Round Draft Pick in the Rookie Draft
New Brunswick Trade 3B Scott Rolen to Brooklyn for P Josh Johnson and 3B Scott Spezio
New Brunswick Sign 2B Todd Walker and OF So Taguchi. Release P Russ Springer and P Arthur Rhodes.
New Brunswick Add P Russ Springer
Brooklyn Add P Brett Tomko. Release P Ryan Madson/
San Jose Add P Clay Condrey. Released P Taylor Buchholz.
Brooklyn Add P Renyel Pinto. Release P Hong-Chih Kuo.
Saskatoon Trade OF J.D. Drew and P Roberto Hernandez to New Brunswick for OF So Taguchi, P Fernando Nieve and a Second Round Pick In the Rookie Draft
Brooklyn Trade SS Eric Bruntlett and a 3rd Round Pick in the Free Agent Draft to Saskatoon for P Pedro Martinez and SS Adam Everett
New Brunswick Add P Russ Springer. Drop OF Chris Roberson
Saskatoon Add P Randy Wolf.
Brooklyn Add P John Lieber. Drop OF John Rodriguez




AVG (MIN 120 Abs)

NB A. Pujols .339
PHL C. Jones .320
MC C. Utley .318
NB E. Chavez .309
BRK D. Roberts .295
NB J. Reyes .288
MC J. Rollins .287
Team RBI
NB A. Pujols 53
SAS D. Wright 40
NB M. Cameron 40
SJJ C. Beltran 38
MC C. Utley 34
PHL L. Berkman 34
PHL A. Jones 34
Team HR
NB A. Pujols 22
PHL A. Jones 16
SAS R. Howard 14
PHL L. Berkman 13
SJJ C. Beltran 12
NB M. Cameron 12
SAS D. Wright 11
SJJ D. Uggla 11
Team  OBP (MIN 120 AB)
NB A. Pujols .450
MC C. Utley .393
SAS R. Howard .391
PHL C. Jones .371
SJJ M. Cabrera .380
NB J. Reyes .368
MC J. Rollins .368
BRK D. Roberts .368
Team SB
NB J. Reyes 30
SJJ H. Ramirez 20
BRK D. Roberts 16
NB M. Cameron 12
MC J. Rollins 10
NB E. Chavez 9
SAS R. Furcal 9
Team Doubles
SJJ H. Ramirez 18
SJJ M. Cabrera 15
MC C. Utley 14
NB J. Reyes 13
SAS D. Wright 12
BRK S. Green 12
MC A. Rowand 12
SJJ A. Gonzalez 12
Team Strikouts
SAS R. Howard 59
NB M. Cameron             54
PHL L. Berkman 49
NB J. Reyes 45
MC J. Francoeur 44
SJJ A. Gonzalez 44
Team WORST BA (min 120 AB)
PHL J. Kent .158
SAS J. Encarnacion .160
MC J. Francoeur .163
MC B. Giles .169
NB J. Drew .169
NB B. Ausmus .186
Team Runs
NB A. Pujols 48
NB J. Reyes 45
PHL L. Berkman 39
SJJ M. Cabrera 39
SJJ C. Beltran 38
SJJ H. Ramirez 36
MC J. Rollins 35
SAS R. Furcal 35
Team ERA (Min. 48 IP)
SAS J. Smoltz 2.80
NB T. Hudson 2.92
MC C. Hensley 2.93
BRK S. Olsen 2.95
PHI T. Glavine 3.10
PHI D. Lowe 3.15
SJ A. Pettitte 3.35
SJ C. Ho Park 3.40
Team Strikeouts
NB J. Peavy 76
NB B. Penny 74
BRK S. Olsen 72
SAS J. Smoltz 70
SJ A. Pettitte 69
BRK C. Carpenter 61
SAS D. Willis 58
SJ C. Young 57
Team Wins
NB T. Hudson 7
NB J. Peavy 6
SJ C. Young 6
PHI J. Suppan 6
BRK S. Olsen 5
SAS J. Smoltz 5
PHI D. Lowe 5
MC C. Hensley 5
SJ J. Maine 5
Team Games
PHI D. Wheeler 23
PHI B. Looper 22
BRK J. Broxton 21
PHI D. Oliver 19
SAS B. Sweeney 19
SAS A. Wainwright 18
SAS J. Borowski 18
SAS T. Hoffman 18
Team Walks
NB T. Hudson 33
SJ A. Pettitte 31
PHI J. Suppan 30
SJ C. Young 29
MC C. Hensley 28
PHI T. Glavine 27
BRK C. Carpenter 26
Team Saves
PHI J. Isiringhausen 12
SJ C. Meredith 12
SAS T. Hoffman 11
NB B. Wickman 10
BRK B. Wagner 9
Team WHIP (Min. 48 IP)
BRK S. Olsen 0.97
SJ C. Young 1.01
SAS J. Smoltz 1.03
PHI D. Lowe 1.05
PHI G. Maddux 1.07
SAS W. Williams 1.08
NB J. Peavy 1.11
BRK C. Carpenter 1.11

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